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Twice a month I blog a Christian leadership principle or ministry idea.   This blog will be by a guest writer, Joanna Jesperson.   She is a friend, pastor's wife, mother of a preschooler and a servant of the Lord.  Enjoy Joanna's insights into Christian leadership from a mother and wife viewpoint.

Washing Dirty Feet

What are some of the most important roles or responsibilities God has given you as a woman?  Is it being a loving and supportive wife to your husband?  Is it raising your children to love and follow God?  What about your role in serving in your church?  Whatever God has given each of us to do, we have all been given an incredible opportunity to lead others in some way.  To exemplify Christ and be positively influential to those who are closest to us is a gift of grace that God has given us!  As Christian women, we have been called to be leaders in our homes, in our churches and in other arenas of our lives. 

So the big question is:  how do we display Christian leadership as we serve and love others, namely our husbands and children?  What does “leadership in the home” look like for us as women?  Could leadership look like everyday tasks like making meals or washing the dirty feet of our little ones after playing outside or sorting through the piles of laundry?  Or is leadership something more “spiritual” like praying with our children, reading Bible stories together or helping our children memorize scripture?   

The Proverbs 31 woman is a wise, attentive, and diligent leader in her home.  According to the Bible, when we properly lead in our own homes in the way God desires, we:

  1. Can be trusted by our husbands (vs.11)
  2. Bring our husbands good and not harm (vs.12)
  3. Wake up early to meet the needs of our family (vs. 15)
  4. Have the energy to work hard at our daily tasks (vs. 17)
  5. See and meet the needs of our family and also in our communities, when possible         (vs. 20)
  6. Show strength and grace and live in the “now,” not worrying about  tomorrow (vs. 25)
  7. Speak with wise words to those around us, especially to our husbands and children (vs.26)
  8. Instruct our children with kindness and love (vs. 26)
  9. Keep a careful eye on the affairs of our households on a daily basis (vs. 27)
  10. We put God first by fearing Him alone, which leads to respect and honor by our families    (vs. 30)

We have the incredible opportunity to leave a visible thumbprint of Jesus on the lives of our husbands and children when we work at these 10 things faithfully.  If they can see Jesus when looking in our eyes, we have truly been successful in our leadership roles and responsibilities!  This is, no doubt, a daily process of learning and growing.  We also know that while we will make mistakes along the way, thankfully God gives us the grace we need to continue striving for this goal.  Jesus’ last display of His love on this earth was washing His disciples’ dirty feet as an example for them to follow.  “And since I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you ought to wash each other’s feet” (John 13:14).  Jesus’ example of true humility, faithful service and deep love demonstrates to us that true servant leadership begins with a towel.  It is in the powerful action of “washing the dirty feet” of our husbands and children that we exemplify true servant leadership in our homes.    


Joanna Jesperson is the wife of Ryan Jesperson, pastor of Grace Temple Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas


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